Red and Black Belt Grading Results


Red and Black Belt Grading Results

A huge congratulations and well done to all the students who took part in the red and black belt grading on Sunday 28th April. If you happen to see any of the following students over the next week, please take the time to congratulate them - as they really do deserve it!

Belt and certificate presentations will be made during next week.

Promoted to Junior 1st Dan Black Belt:
Lukas Nicholson
Mia Newby

Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt:
Alice Rich
Finlay Laurie
Gabriel Poves
Gavin Newby
Holly Rich
Jacob Farrell
Jasmine Perry
Jenny Rudak
Kieran Ford
Lucas Beveridge
Mia Bridges
Mihir Shrivastava
Nadine Jeffries
Reece Alexander
Taylor Smith

Promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt:
Daniel Nixon
Dilraj Singh Brar
Euan McFee
Harjot Singh Brar
Isabella Price
Joshua Norman
Phil Featherstone
Rich Castillo

Promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt:
Jag Shergill

Promoted to 4th Dan Black Belt:
Earle Wallbank
Gena Perevedentsev
Oran Green
Mehrdad Ghane
Surjit Sidhu

Promoted to 5th Dan Black Belt:
Claire Tyrrell
Louise May


High Wyc

Claire, Daniel, Jasmine, Alice, Holly, Taylor and Kieran



Reece and Gabrielle more to follow!





Jag Shergill



Oran Green



Student of the Year Awards


Student of the year

High Wycombe - Chris Brummitt


Student of the year

Wendover - Ethan and Charlie Crummack


Student of the Year

Princes Risborough - Alexandra Cutmore


Student of the Year

Gemma Wenborn - Hemel Hempstead


Student of the Year

Winnersh Nick and Masie Hall


Student of the year

Aylesbury - Joel, Maks and Lukasz

Changes to Bytomic TKD Membership Terms and Conditions

Changes to Bytomic TKD Membership Terms and Conditions

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