Abingdon Venue Changes

Due to a school production we are unable to use John Mason School on the following dates:

Wednesday 28th February
Monday 5th March
Wednesday 7th March

We will therefore be moving to Fitzharry's School, Northcourt Road, OX14 1NP  on the dates above.

Class times will be 7pm - 8pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience but we hope to see you at our alternative venue.


BTKD Tournament 24/9/17 - Results

BTKD Tournament 24/9/17 - Results

BTKD Tournament Results

Well done to all competitors and thank you for taking part! Here are some photos of the medal winners (click below to view photos)



We would like to say a huge thank you to all the head referees, umpires and helpers on the day. You all did a fantastic job!

Yellow & Green up to 8yrs

1st Oliver Adams - Learn TKD
2nd Jodie Sawyer - Winnersh
3rd Samuel Le Brun - Hemel Hempstead

Individual Sparring Group 1
1st  Oliver Adams - Learn TKD
2nd Gurmanpreet Kaur - Reading Singh Sabha
3rd  Tanvi Rao - Reading Singh Sabha

Individual Sparring Group 2
1st Joel Canton-Odumosu - Aylesbury
2nd Charlotte Craigie - Guildford
3rd Erin O'Regan - Bicester

Individual Sparring Group 3
1st Arjan Singh - Reading Singh Sabha
2nd Thomas Gale - Marlow
3rd Samuel Le Brun - Hemel Hempstead

Hand: Harrison Gray - Marlow
Foot: Caitlin Watts - Learn TKD

Yellow & Green 9 - 12 yrs

1st Sonny Wood - Learn TKD
2nd  Aidan Cliff - Learn TKD
3rd  Danvir Singh - Reading Singh Sabha

Individual Sparring Boys
1st Sonny Wood - Learn TKD
2nd  Jacob Taylor - Strike TKD Bognor
3rd  Spike Knight - Chalfonts

Individual  Sparring Girls
1st  Amelie Litvin - Chalfonts
2nd  Nidhi Venkatesh - Reading Singh Sabha
3rd Ishana Sivakumar - Reading Singh Sabha

Hand: Amelie Litvin - Chalfonts
Foot: Frankie Pullen - Chalfonts

Junior Blue, Red & Black

1st Shayne Lagyop - Aylesbury
2nd Louis Wood - Learn TKD
3rd Reuben Gilbert - Learn TKD

Individual Sparring
1st Maulik Tuli - Reading Singh Sabha
2nd Oliver Tompson - Great Missenden
3rd Tia Mattingley - Marlow

Foot: Oliver Thompson - Great Missenden
Hand: Jake Smith - Marlow

Cadets Yellow & Green

1st Malvika Malviya - Reading Singh Sabha
2nd Jack Gannon - Great Missenden
3rd Aaron Litvin - Chalfonts

Individual Sparring Boys
1st Jack Gannon - Great Missenden
2nd Louis Boote - Hemel Hempstead
3rd Lewis Jones - High Wycombe

Individual Sparring Girls
1st Malvika Malviya - Reading Singh Sabha
2nd Abbie Gould - Chalfonts

Breaking Boys
Hand Aaron Litvin - Chalfonts
Foot Jack Gannon - Great Missenden

Breaking Girls
Hand & Foot Malvika Malviya - Reading Singh Sabha

Cadets Blue, Red & Black

1st Matilda Crome - Aylesbury
2nd Simranpreet Kaur Rai - Reading Singh Sabha
3rd Shantelle Lagyop - Aylesbury

Individual Sparring Boys Group 1
1st Michael Brooker - Abingdon
2nd Josh Streete - Power TKD
3rd Alex Heane - Linslade UKTKD

Individual Sparring Boys Group 2
1st Gabriel Poves - Hemel Hempstead
2nd James Troughton - Learn TKD
3rd Joseph Jones - Guildford

Individual Sparring Girls
1st Matilda Crome - Aylesbury
2nd Simranpreet Kaur Rai - Reading Singh Sabha
3rd Ellie Nugent - Bracknell

Boys Hand Gabriel Poves - Hemel Hempstead
Boys Foot: Josh Streete - Power TKD
Girls Hand Ellie Nugent - Bracknell
Girls Foot Ellie Nugent - Bracknell

Adult Divisions

Mens Patterns
1st Anthony Nash - High Wycombe
2nd Oliver Stark - Marlow
3rd Stefan Caraba - Aylesbury

Ladies Patterns
1st Heather Smith - Maidenhead
2nd Hillary Boxhall - Learn TKD
3rd Kim Sawyer - Winnersh

Individual Sparring Mens White & Yellow
1st Qasim Chaudhary - Bracknell
2nd John Morrisey - Linslade UKTKD
3rd Stefan Caraba - Aylesbury

Individual Sparring Mens Green
1st Oliver Stark - Marlow
2nd Wayne Barker - Maidenhead
3rd Lee McKeever - Maidenhead

Individual Sparring Mens Blue, Red & Black
1st Alex Mindry - Chalfonts
2nd Andrew Baker - Strike TKD Bognor
3rd Robin Boichat - Great Missenden

Individual Sparring Ladies Yellow & Green
1st Hillary Boxall - Learn TKD
2nd Kim Sawyer - Winnersh
3rd Samantha Pavlik - Hemel Hempstead

Hand Stefan Caraba - Aylesbury
Hand Heather Smith - Maidenhead
Foot  Alex Mindry - Chalfonts
Foot  Heather Smith - Maidenhead

Aylesbury Black Belt Grading Results

Here are few photos of our newly promoted Dan grades at our Aylesbury Academy.

From left to right: Thomas Miles 3rd Dan, Jadon McFarlane 1st Dan, Graham Parks Instructor, Kati Crome 3rd Dan, Matilda Crome  3rd Dan

PUMA British Championships - Results

Here are the results from the PUMA British Championships on Sunday 19th November. We had two students taking part and both brought home a medal!

Very well done to both students!

Tia Mattingley (Marlow) - Silver Individual Sparring
Michael Brooker (Abgindon) - Silver Individual Sparing