Cliff started training over 15 years ago with his wife and four children - all of whom have attained their black belts. As a family man himself, his clubs have a great family atmosphere where each family member can train hard and yet have fun together. His classes have a great emphasis on fitness and strength and his students are not afraid of training hard!

Cliff gave up being a scout leader to become an Instructor and his experience has been invaluable in helping us to run our annual Kids Camp event for 30-50 children.

Cliff teaches at Amersham & Maidenhead


  • During the week I run local boot camps and fitness workouts
  • I run a family business and we specialise in loft conversions : CJ Turner and Sons
  • My favourite holiday destinations are...anywhere hot!
  • Before I became a BTKD instructor I was a scout leader
  • I am covered in tattoos from my neck to my toes.